Inc./Comcast’s guide to successful content provides practical tips for small and medium-sized businesses

“Building Successful Content Campaigns,” an article in Productivity@Work, an Inc./Comcast co-branded e-newsletter, provides small and medium-sized businesses advice for building effective campaign strategies.  In the article, Jacqueline McDermott Lisk, former head of digital for Mediaplanet and founder and CEO of JR Lisk, Inc., shares her best tips.

“The way to approach content creation is to ‘think bigger,’ Lisk advises. ‘Address industry issues in your content, not just your own product or service. Whether you’re outsourcing or working in-house, make sure you have your persona down pat. What does your brand sound like? It’s imperative that one person oversees all content initiatives. Someone needs to have the bird’s-eye view and ensure all company content aligns with your goals, strategy, and brand persona.'”

Click here to read the full article.

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