Content marketing on the rise in Europe

Mashable’s recent article on content marketing predictions forecasts that “Europe will get the content marketing bug–big time.”  After returning from Mediaplanet’s global management conference in Stockholm, I can wholeheartedly agree.  Mediaplanet produces cross-media content campaigns in partnership with newspapers, subject matter experts and brands, and it operates throughout Europe.  Speakers at the conference included Astrid Gyllenkrok, head of advertising & sponsorships for CNN International, UK & Scandinavia, and yours truly, who spoke about the global state of content marketing and provided tips and tricks for successfully pitching Mediaplanet’s digital component.

The feedback from managing directors around the world, leaders from Poland to Germany to Switzerland, was that clients in their market were increasingly likely to have heard about content marketing, to understand why it’s of value and to be looking to invest in content marketing opportunities.  This will be the year that content marketing explodes abroad; and as our European counterparts flex their branded content creation muscles, we, the U.S., stand to benefit.  We’ll learn from their experiences, and see an increase in global brands launching international content strategies.  The need for translated content will also rise, presenting opportunities for firms here and abroad.

By Jacqueline Lisk

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