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I recently had dinner with a neighbor who used to work in marketing. She left the industry to pursue other passions and felt that since so much had changed in the last 15 years, it would be impossible for her to reenter the field. She also found marketing exhausting because your job is never done. There’s always some new trend or tactic emerging, and keeping tabs on it all can seem impossible. I understand the sentiment. (Although the flipside of that coin is exactly what makes marketing so exciting—no day is the same. A career is marketing forces you to stay on top of new technology and communication trends and to understand human behavior. I love that!)  The following free newsletters will help you stay  up-to-date with content marketing news. While these alone aren’t enough to make you a guru, they’ll certainly help you identify ideas and stories you want to research more thoroughly.

1. The Content Strategist
Contently’s blog analyzes the future of brand storytelling and provides valuable insight for content marketing newcomers and veterans alike.

2. AAF Smartbrief
Let’s not forget the “marketing” in “content marketing.” Subscribe to Smartbrief’s newsletter on advertising, media and marketing news so you don’t lose sight of the big picture.

3. Content Exchange
The Content Council’s newsletter curates existing content from a wide variety of sources, from small blogs to more established publishers. The content quality varies, but this subscription helps me ensure I haven’t missed anything and often turns up articles I wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise.

4. eMarketer
The go-to for data and research! eMarketer covers the latest trends and offers a valuable global perspective.

 5. The Media Briefing
This digital media newsletter offers intelligent, in-depth commentary. They’re UK-focused, but do a solid job of covering global issues. I particularly value their coverage of the publishing industry.

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