Content Roundup: Mobile Ad Spending on The Rise

An increasing number of advertisers are spending more of their ad budgets on mobile marketing tactics. This trend is a logical result of changing user behaviors. As marketers, it’s our job to be where the people are, and more people are spending more time on their mobile devices. In January 2014, for the first time, Americans used smartphones and tablets more often than desktops to connect to the Internet, according to comScore. Here are some useful articles to help you understand the future of mobile advertising.

1. Mobile to account for more than half of digital ad spending in 2015, eMarketer

This year, mobile spending will surpass desktop spending for the first time. eMarketer shares its recent research on the shift. Read it here.

2. Programmatic and RTB

Programmatic ad buying affords its adopters a host of benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, transparency and targeting abilities. It has implications beyond mobile, but it’s particularly interesting to watch these trends converge.

  • Digiday explains programmatic in layman’s terms. Read it here.
  • Acquity’s blog post breaks down RTB in a way that’s easy to understand. Read it here.
  • Business Insider summarizes its comprehensive report on programmatic buying. Read it here.

3. The future of digital advertising: Mobile, programmatic and native

MoPub’s guest blog for Audience Science explains how these tactics come together to offer superior results for advertisers. (In full disclosure, JR Lisk helped MoPub with this piece!) Read it here.

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