We Earned Our Editor Credit on Amazon

Last spring, JR Lisk helped Brian Jones, founder of Nuts & Bolts of PR, create a PR workbook that teaches people how to take PR into their own hands. Brian had so many tips, tricks, and success stories to share—he needed help organizing his insights and presenting them in the most useful way possible. Brian shared his ideas by jumping on calls with us, or even recording himself talking out loud. We proposed a book outline, and from there, worked together to write the text.

With our design partner, Kathleen McDermott*, we designed the eBook. What started as a small project turned into an 80+ plus labor of love. We are all SO proud of this resource, and Brian has received fantastic feedback. Feedback has been so strong, in fact, Brian decided to sell the book on Amazon. Today we announce that “The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Creating Positive Publicity” is now for sale at this link. This book is a must-read for any business owner looking to build a reputation and generate leads (who isn’t, right?).

Congrats, Brian. We loved going on this ride with you.

*We believe in nepotism. Kidding… kind of. Kathleen is Jacqueline’s sister. She is also one of the most talented designers we know, and a visiting professor at NYU. She is not always available for projects, but when she is, we jump at the chance to work with this brilliant woman.

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