Okay, we are way behind in sharing clips! Here’s a glimpse at a cool project from October 2021.

Leveraging the cloud is common business practice for some organizations. Others are still yet to take the first step, let alone take full advantage of the cloud. In partnership with OnCore Media, a B2B content marketing organization, we wrote two reports about the business advantages of the cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS). These reports are available for download on Entrepreneur.com.

To write the reports, we interviewed AWS experts and clients, including executives at Coca-Cola and Pearson. It was an exciting opportunity to learn how AWS approaches innovation, and how companies across verticals are using the cloud to improve customer experiences, launch new offerings, and access next-level data insights.

View “Driving Performance Across Operations with Cloud Power
View “Leveraging the Cloud for Better Business Outcomes

Photo cred for portfolio page: Shutterstock

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