We have been waiting to share this one for awhile! On February 17, 2023, Philips Domestic Appliances revealed its new corporate identity: Versuni. Our brilliant partners at River + Wolf developed the name. Look closely, and you will see Versuni is the word “universe” reshuffled. (Here you can learn how the coined word captures the company’s mission of turning houses into homes.)

River + Wolf brought on JR Lisk Inc. to support brand messaging work, including developing a new name story, “about us” copy, mission and values statements, a tone of voice guide, and a video script.

The Versuni team was incredibly collaborative, creative, and detail-oriented and we learned a lot from our months together. As always, Margaret Wolfson, founder and creative director at River + Wolf, blew us away with her deep knowledge of language, impeccable editing ear, and commitment to going above and beyond for clients.

Wolfson shared these kind words about our collaboration: “Jackie’s tremendous intelligence, wordsmithery, kindness, and personal grace made every aspect of this project better, easier, and much more fun. Her analytical and creative skills are unparalleled, as is her work ethic. Thank you, Jackie, for being such a crucial and vital part of this year-long adventure. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you.”

Thank you, Margaret! This means the world — or rather, the universe. Can’t wait for our next partnership.

Read the new name announcement here.

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