I have gotten to know the Said Differently leadership team through an ongoing thought leadership collaboration. (I am working with CEO and Co-Founder Rachel Barek to create content for mags like Forbes.) I was pumped when Rachel asked if I would help her team create case studies for the agency’s new website, because it allowed me to connect with more folks at her organization, including Brian Skahan, president and co-founder, Said Differently, and better understand the value the agency provides to clients.

The case studies were tricky to organize and write, because Said Differently provides A LOT of different services to clients, drawing from its network of professional freelancers to create a precise team for each engagement. I had multiple discussions with Said Differently executives to understand project details. These calls were akin to the interviews I conduct when I am writing magazine articles, so my journalism background came in handy here. I also worked in lockstep with Said Differently’s marketing lead, as these stories will serve as valuable marketing collateral.

The results were four long-form client case studies and four long-form capabilities case studies, many of which are being repurposed into snappier marketing “one-pagers.” Sidebar: Said Differently is one of Adweek’s fastest-growing agencies. I am impressed but not surprised. Congrats to the talented, fun to work with team.

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