Mend Together was founded to help people with cancer communicate what they really need to their friends, family and colleagues. It was also created to help loved one of people with cancer provide meaningful support. Too many of us have had the experience of wanting to help someone going through a hard time but not knowing what to do or say. The innovative platform organizes different types of help in one place, including a community journal feature, volunteer calendar, and gift and donation registry.

Creating ongoing, quality content that provides value to both patients and loved ones is an important, and challenging goal for Mend Together. JR Lisk, Inc. led a half-day Content Strategy workshop for the Mend Together team in which we shared publishing best practices and grassroot PR strategies, in partnership with guest speakers from JR Lisk partner organizations, The Boston Globe and Daddi Brand Communications.

We designed the workshop to be as interactive as possible and ran a number of editorial brainstorming exercises that resulted in article ideas and distribution tactics the team intends to act upon. The Mend Together team impressed us, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

To learn more about Mend Together, please visit their website.

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