Where to start with this one? It was probably the most challenging project we have done to date, which makes seeing the end results particularly satisfying. The BG BrandLab team hired us to lead the editorial on a special section sponsored by PMI on science-based disruption. Then the pandemic hit…

To our clients’ credit, we reangled and plowed forward. Our job was conceptualize the article ideas (including a piece on COVID), source the whole project, and write all of the content, with support from top-notch freelance talent we hired and BG’s expert in-house team. Through the process, we learned SO MUCH about science innovation, the future of patient care, and Boston’s budding life science industry. We are beyond grateful to the Globe and PMI for this doozy of a project; and we are proud of the amazing feedback we are getting from clients, sources, and readers.

P.S. Shoutout to BG BrandLab’s design skills–both the print and digital versions came out beautiful. We can’t wait to get cracking on our next partnership.

Link to the digital version: http://sponsored.bostonglobe.com/pmi/hope-in-science/

Link to the print report:

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