Amid the early mayhem of COVID and home schooling, we wrote 18 branded stories about innovation for Fast Company, 13 of which ran in the May/June print edition. It was a wild workload, but an amazing opportunity to connect with and write about some of the world’s most innovative companies. We wouldn’t dare pick a favorite. Print versions available upon request.

View some of the stories:
The virtual office comes of age (Dropbox)
A company that is making the world more agreeable (Docusign)
How this company is fighting healthcare fraud with AI (Prime Therapeutics)
A financial lifeline for those who need it most (Oportun)
Make every word count (Persado)
Mission-critical innovation (Merck)
The sounds of science (L-acoustics)
Designing for a sustainable future (Logitech)
Transformative architecture, year after year (KieranTimberlake)
You heard right: affordable, exceptional audio products (Jlab Audio)
Driving performance and engagement with innovative software solutions (Lattice)
Enriching digital conversations for people and brands (Holler)

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