4 steps to creating effective content marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical companies


Poor pharma. It’s eager to embrace content marketing, yet it’s subject to (understandably) strict regulations that can make executing a campaign challenging. But content marketing is not going anywhere. Marketers are gung ho for native advertising, and it’s inevitable that 2014 will see an increase in health care industry content marketing, even if it means jumping through hoops and cutting through red tape to get campaign approval. Here are 4 steps to creating effective and engaging content marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical companies. (Hey, if you’re going to do all that work to get it approved, it better be good–right?)

1. Identify an engaging subject matter—that’s bigger than you
Identify a subject matter, such as a disease or cause that goes beyond your company walls. What valuable information can you offer about this topic? The key to effective marketing is emotional content. You’re lucky—the healthcare industry has built-in emotional angles that can make for some powerful, shareable campaigns.

2. Choose a combination of reputable and relatable sources
Secure sources that will provide true value to your reader. The journalist writing the piece should not be quoting your CEO or VP of Marketing, but rather interviewing medical experts who are qualified to speak about the subject matter. And think beyond the medical degree. “Real people” will help humanize your work. Try to find individuals with relatable stories who can offer practical advice.

3. Don’t forget the visuals
Your content should be accompanied by eye-catching visuals. Even including a simple headshot is better than no photo at all. It’s worth investing in infographics and videos to accompany your text. Content marketing is about more than the written word. Use all the tools at your disposal to increase your chance of engaging your target audience.

4. Create a strategic distribution plan
Of course, there’s a lot that goes into finding and reaching your target audience, but a great place to start is social media. Test different pieces of content to determine what’s resonating, then invest resources to bolster what’s already working.

For more information on how to create or distribute a content marketing campaign for pharmas, email info@jrlisk.com

By Jacqueline Lisk


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