3 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Ghostwriter


Most brands and industry influencers realize that penning thought leadership pieces for publication on relevant media sites and owned channels, such as blogs and LinkedIn pages, is an effective way to establish credibility, connect with an audience and increase traffic to your website. But finding the time to write these pieces can be challenging. That’s why companies rely on the expertise of a ghostwriter – a seasoned journalist who can help a subject matter expert articulately share his or her unique perspective.

We’ve written articles for execs in the digital media, tech, business, health, travel and start-up space. It’s certainly our job to deliver a high quality piece, but there are steps you, the client, can take to make sure you get the most from the collaboration.

1. Share your perspective

Simply telling your writer you want an article about a particular topic isn’t enough. Let’s pretend you would like to do a piece on Snapchat’s marketing potential for brands. It’s great that you’ve identified the subject matter, but if you don’t share your distinct viewpoints, the resulting piece will likely be a boring regurgitation of facts, figures and what we already know. Yes, the writer is a skilled researcher, but the best thought leadership pieces actually say something – they take a stance or make a prediction. We always ask our clients to jump on a quick phone call or answer some questions via email so we can extract their knowledge, identify the most interest elements and craft a story that actually shows some perspective. Trust us, it’s worth the 15 minutes of your time.

2. Get personal

Effective thought leadership pieces often rely on personal anecdotes or real business examples to make their points. Don’t be afraid to show your personality or reveal aspects of your life. This helps the reader feel closer to you and the brand you represent. Isn’t that one of the reasons you decided to invest in thought leadership in the first place?

3. Have a target publication in mind

Are you planning to run your article on LinkedIn or pitch it to trade press? If you share your goals, a skilled journalist can help you meet them by writing with your desired audience in mind. If you’re not sure about the distribution plan, partner with a writer or company that can help with that, too. Remember, the most amazing content is for naught if nobody sees it.

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Photo credit: Darren Pullman via Shutterstock/Salon

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