Spotlight on: Thought Leadership Workshops

Since launching JR Lisk, Inc. in 2014, I have “ghostwritten” more than 200 thought leadership articles for executives and partnered on more than 450 branded content projects for Fortune 500 companies, ad tech start-ups, media companies, and everything in between.

I started off writing articles for print magazines. Now I write digital articles, infographic copy, social media content, video and podcast scripts, and even content for the metaverse.

Best practices vary depending on the channel. But the foundational principle of effective content marketing is always the same: you need to create high-quality content that appeals to your target audience while showcasing your organization’s expertise, perspective, and personality.

Over the past five years, I have been hired by PR agencies, technology companies, non-profits, ad tech companies, small businesses, and even a college campus to share what I have learned. My customized thought leadership and branded content workshops have covered:

  • media and publishing trends
  • branded content best practices
  • a B2B thought leadership crash course
  • technologies to watch, including generative AI
  • tips for getting the most from a ghostwriter
  • a not-so-secret process to content creation
  • article brainstorms and “sweet spot” exercises
  • the most common thought leadership mistakes
  • what audiences need to know about branded content
  • industry case studies

Whether you are looking for actionable advice to start or improve your company’s thought leadership or branded content program, some outside inspiration for your team, or a hands-on brainstorm to bulk up your “article idea bank,” I am your gal.

These fun, informative, and affordable sessions can be run virtually or in-person. To learn more or request client testimonial, reach out today.

P.S. I created this article image using the OpenAI tool DALL-E.

By Jacqueline Lisk, founder, JR Lisk, Inc., a content creation and strategy agency

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